Tuesday, September 24, 2013


as bitter as the winter winds
that cast a  gloom upon me
you bring me down
and again i drown
the hands that push me back
reveling in the tenderness of your attack
and yet i try to revive
my unfailing will to survive
are the emotions i tried to project
with each passing breath
you stubbornly reject
the me that you've wrecked
is the mess i am in
with the frigid claws you trap me in
though i may stave off the torture you bring
i still am
im still living
these wounds that i suppress
i resurrect the memories i possess
they bleed again
still here i stand
claiming victory on your pristine plans
cold clammy raw ugly deep
you were there when i reached
yet you comforted me with your menace
i was lost from you sympathy
and though you left me alone
you've dug your own grave
in your death, you atone.

copyright 1142H 9/24/13

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